September 15, 2016

Christmas and showing your support 2016
A Christmas Card!

Thank you Canada!

During the festive season many of you have contacted Red Fridays on how to send gifts for Christmas. Operation Santa Claus has allowed us once again to send a Christmas Cards to the soldiers

For 2016 we are targeting 2000 Christmas cards. This is the number of men and women that are serving in away missions such as Afghanistan and other countries. Help us reach the goal of a Christmas Card for every soldier serving away from home during Christmas.

Through Operation Santa Claus we can send your Christmas Card directly to all the troops that are serving away from home.  Here is how it works.


1) Buy or create your Christmas Card

2) Address the card to "A Canadian Soldier"

3) Write in a message of thanks and seasons greetings.

4) Place the card in the envelope and the optional Tims gift card. 
Label the outside of the envelope containing the card "To A Canadian Soldier".

5) Place the card in a another envelope in which you address to us.

6) Send the card to the following address.
    Red Fridays Foundation of Canada
    Christmas Cards to the troops
    398 Charrington Ave
    Oshawa, ON



Because of the time line logistics and delivery date to meet the Christmas date in the overseas missions, all cards must be received by mid October 2016. Any cards that arrive late will miss the shipment to over seas deployment soldiers and will be distributed to local bases.

Help Red Fridays Foundation of Canada meet their goal to give every serving member a Christmas Card from a Canadian Family.


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