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Friends of Veterans Canada and
Red Fridays Foundation of Canada proudly presents

The Repatriation and Memorial Drive and Rally
May 31 2008 - Trenton to Toronto

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The Memorial Drive and Rally was a huge success.

People wishing to send in pictures or video that can be published here and shared with the families of the fallen can send them to rdr@redfridays.ca

Slide show from Lead Vehicle perspective - RFFC

Highway of Heroes Repatriation Ride May 31/08 From YouTube Member - Karlgan

Collection of photos submitted by Marilyn on her Facebook 

Photos submitted by a CAV member.

Visit Emergency Management OntarioOn May 31 2008 the Emergency Management Ontario EmComm Group established a radio network where radio operators across Ontario could report in and pay their respects for our fallen Canadian soldiers. The network was controlled from the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre located in Toronto and we were in communications with vehicles in the memorial procession.
A full report has been posted on the EMO ARES website:  http://www.emoares.org/repatriation2008.html  One of our radio operators also took pictures during the procession which have been posted as a power-point presentation:

See Slide show here. Repatriation Memorial Drive and Rally PPS


Thank to all those who participated, volunteered with special thanks to the City of Qunite West, Downsview Park, The Ontario Provincial Police, Durham Police Services, Toronto Police services, The CAV and the Royal Canadian Legion.


CHS receives $12,000 donation from Red Fridays Foundation of Canada

Toronto/ON – On Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 The Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) received a $12,000 donation from the Red Fridays Foundation of Canada (RFFC). The funds were raised through RFFC’s successful Repatriation Memorial Drive on Saturday, May 31, 2008. The event hosted over 1000 cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles which rode from Trenton to Toronto along the Highway of Heroes to pay tribute to Canadian service men and women and veterans.

(photo P. Muntz)

“This is an incredibly generous donation from the Red Fridays Foundation,” said Susan Main, CHS Vice-President, Fundraising and Strategic Communications. “We have been very impressed with the group’s professionalism and dedication and their donation will help us to continue to provide essential services to our veterans with hearing loss.” 

The money raised at the rally will be used to support the CHS Hearing Care Counseling program which helps people adapt to their hearing loss and continue to lead independent lives. Program counselors provide home visits, education, and demonstrations and recommendations of communication devices.  One of the aims of the program is to give veterans with a hearing loss the skills they need to stay safely and independently at home, improve communication with family and friends and help them to stay involved in their favourite activities.   

“We are very excited to be able to present CHS with this donation on behalf of all the participants of our Rally and Memorial Drive,” said Brian Muntz, RFFC Founder. “All of us who were involved with this event are so pleased to know that the money we raised will make a real difference in the lives of our veterans.”

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What is the sound of a repatriation?
by Brian Muntz

Is it the sound of the chatter on TV announcing the name of the fallen serving our country? Perhaps the sound from the roar of the large military jet landing in Trenton? Is it the sound of the doors opening on the air craft or the sound of the boots of the soldiers carrying the coffin? Is it the sound of the pipers playing a song of sorrow, or the sound of the commanding officer calling his orders. Was it the sound of the Hearse doors opening or the sound of the people and family near by. Repatriation may be the sound of the cars moving to the Highway of Heroes but then again it may be the sound of the people standing on the bridges. Is it the sound of the traffic going by in anticipation of the procession or the sound of the occasional horn honking as drivers see you on the bridge. Maybe it's the sound of the flags flapping in the wind that people are holding. Then in the distance the procession is in sight and the people on the bridge are mumbling "here it comes". Is the sound of repatriation the police sirens that fills the air as the procession reaches your bridge? The sound of sirens vibrate in your chest then in a beat of your heart you finally hear the sound of a repatriation. It is the sound of a silent "Thank You" from you and all the people around you to the soldier that gave his life for his country; your country. This is the sound of a repatriation; our freedom.



We Like to thank the following participants, volunteers and sponsors.

John R. Williams
Mayor of Quinte West (Trenton)

Special thanks to Scarsview Chrysler for the sponsorship of the Red Fridays Car. This car will be auctioned off later this year with proceeds going to the Tony Stacey Centre.

Special Thanks to our Police Services

Red Fridays Foundation would like to thank the officers of the Ontario Provincial Police OPP, Durham Police force and Toronto Police services for assisting with the safe passage of the the 83 red vehicles special procession representing our fallen and the families of the fallen that will be in the procession in a special coach bus. We like to thank OPP Golden Helmet Motorcade Services for taking lead with their honorable team of Motorcycle Police officers. Durham Police Services has included a special Red police car with full lights to also lead the memorial procession from Trenton to Toronto.  Toronto Police services are also assisting in the Toronto area to bring in the procession of red vehicles and the families. To our all the men and women police officers that have participated in all the repatriations with their professional services - Thank you. 






The Poppy Truck

Ontario Military Vehicle Association to be at rallies













Devin Castilloux

Special thanks to Rico Imaging. Vehicle Wrap designed by Yasser from Rico Imaging

peaceIf you see the Red Fridays Car on the road, be sure to wave and/or hold up the international symbol for peace.
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