Fridays November 17, 2006
Schools and teachers throughout Canada are getting involved - are you?

Now you can have your own Red Fridays Event at your school and have the event published here. If you are planning your event, let us help you with some helpful tips.

Foley Catholic School in Brechin, ON (Red Friday event)
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- When sending home an announcement, mention our site will publish pictures of your event. Mention that this is a non partisan movement in support of Canadian Troops and not one particular theatre or Armed Forces event.

- The mission is to show support for the CF troops that fight for peace - abroad and here at home.
- The Canadian Armed Forces are currently active in 20 theatres of peace keeping and country rebuilding.
- The Canadian Armed Forces are fighting against terrorism abroad so they don't have to at home.

- Have the children wear anything that is RED on a FRIDAY. It could be a t-shirt, a pair of pants, scarf, hat etc. There is no need to buy any of our products in order to have this event and published here.

- Encourage the children that their school will be mentioned and pictures published here ( for their families and friends to see. We will not publish children's names. Only the school name and teachers' name providing permission is granted.

- If possible, a Red Friday's member or volunteer may attend your rally to speak to the children regarding supporting our Canadian Troops.  If there is a Canadian Forces base near by, we recommend you to contact them and ask for their attendance as well. We can not guarantee the attendance of forces members and staff or Red Fridays staff for circumstances beyond our control.  Be sure to send us any local media names and business contacts for us to send them a media kit for your event.

- Be creative in your rally. Make posters, signs, banners etc.
- Have a march down a street path and notify the local papers of the rally.
- Send a press release of your event here to be published for the media.

- If your school has their own web site, place a link from our "link to us" page on your site to Red Fridays Canada in conjunction with your school event.

- Most important! Click on the home page and select the "RED FRIDAYS SUPPORTERS" button and register your school. Place in your link to your school site if you have one; but if you don't just type in our web address and we will place a link there to your special page at Red Fridays Canada.

It is important for our children to know what our Canadian Troops are doing. To understand that supporting the troops is not just for the fallen but for the active personnel.  Troopers on their down time in some theatres have internet access. Showing them that we as Canadians support them, gives them courage, a sense of home and knowledge that they are appreciated and supported by fellow Canadians young and old.

Remember to send us your event date and school name and location. Send us photos and a short story on your event. We will publish your event no matter how large or how small.

We hope to see your school event here soon. If you have any questions, please click on the button to contact us. We will promptly reply to your queries. 



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